A Statement on misconduct

Recently a list was put into circulation by @predatorsonblast pushing for individuals in the dance industry to be investigated, confronted and held to account for predatory behaviour. A member of Rain Crew was named on that list.

It is important for us to take allegations such as this seriously and address them. As leaders in the dance community we must be transparent in these matters and, where appropriate, hold ourselves accountable, especially if we are expecting others to do the same. We will not tolerate any form of harssment or misconduct. We will deal with each situation in co-operation with the survivor and/or police if necessary.

It will always be challenging to act without details or context, but it is important to listen and proactively support survivors because the impact of shutting-down or disregarding people’s grievances could be that legitimate claims are ignored.

If there are concerns about one of our members we will:

  • Initiate independent and internal investigation to find as much information as possible, while respecting privacy, to establish what harm has been done and what redress is necessary regardless of whether it falls below a legal standard.
  • Seek independent mediation as required and will make every effort to support the cost of therapy or any other steps for those who are harmed
  • Support prosecution of our members if they are found guilty of a criminal offense

We are also in the process of developing a code of conduct, policy and guidance for handling complaints involving harassment and sexual misconduct.

These situations can sometimes polarise but it’s important as a community we don’t change course because it’s hard. It was always going to be hard and we must be even more resolute in stamping this out and growing through this.

We welcome any information or evidence on this matter and any others. We will always listen