Who are we?

Rain Crew LTD featuring Giuseppe Italipino Lecce Hakim Saber and Warren WildG Gordon-Scott

What is Rain Crew?

Rain Crew is a B-Boy group and dance company limited by guarantee.

As a company, we primarily focus on community lead
projects aimed at bringing people together through
music, culture and dance. We deliver classes,
workshops, performances, events and competitions as
well as fundraising drives for international disasters.

With over 10 years of teaching experience our dancers
specialise in Breaking, Hip-hop, House and Krump, as well
as representing competitively at both a national and
International level.

What is a B-Boy?

A B-Boy or B-Girl is a term that refers to someone who is immersed in hip-hop culture touching each of the five elements; DJing, Breaking, MCing and Graffiti.

Breaking which is often mistakenly called break-dancing is a dynamic dance style that originated from, funk, soul and hip-hop in the early 70s in the Bronx New York. The art form is known in popular culture for dancers doing flips, head-spins and moving to the beat. Music is the reason behind what we do; and our ambitions to create a legacy and history of our own that builds on the past has already taken us to new heights.

What has Rain Crew done?

Globally we have worked with organisations such as Maxi Nutrition, ITV, Puma, Addidas, ASOS, Argos, Orange, EE, Brit Awards, Breaking Convention & the Oliver award winning show ‘The Pied Piper as well as performing on various international stages including the London 02 Arena.

We hold regular classes and events for dancers of all ages as our way of sharing our knowledge and elevating the art-form and our community internationally.  In addition to supporting our own community, we continually work with teams outside the UK to support those in need including raising funds for victims of disaster in Syria, Palestine, and The Philippines.

Our reputation is that of a dance group and family that stands for something more.




rain crew tileChristopher Sylverstar Sylvester Rain CrewClint Sinclair | Rain Crew | Mateusz Strelau Photography 2015Duane Jordan Collins Rain CrewGiuseppe Italipino Lecce Rain CrewHakim Saber Rain CrewHaseeb Chilly Hearn Rain CrewHelen Maule - Rain CrewJason FM Hull Rain CrewJay Howell Rain CrewKofi Mingo Rain Crew Boy Blue Entertainment BBEMaren Ellermann Daughters of the Dragon Rain CrewMitchel Doosty Taunton Rain Crewrain crew tilePerry P-Star Howell Rain CrewSharifa Tonkmor Daughters of the Dragon Rain CrewTom Rowland-Rees - Rain CrewVictor V.O. Juaranz Perez Rain Crew Warren Wild-G Gordon-Scott Rain CrewZahra Maalow Rain Crewrain crew tile


Support Us

Rain Crew is an internationally renowned dance company based in the most deprived borough in London and the third most deprived in the UK. Our focus towards community projects require that we fund raise our annual turnover from both public and private sources, including individual donations and corporate sponsorship.

Please contact us by calling 020 3581 0265 or emailing info@raincrewuk.com to find out how you can support us.

Work With Us



There are currently no vacancies available.

Work Experience and Internships

We believe in supporting and empowering individuals to enhance their opportunities particularly through project based work experience. If you would like to enquire further about opportunities to develop new employment skills please contact us by calling 020 3581 0265 or emailing info@raincrewuk.com.

Teach for Us

Rain Crew reviews CVs on a regular basis and keeps a database of dance teachers and practitioners that support our classes and projects. If you would like to join this database and be considered for teaching opportunities, please email your CV to info@raincrewuk.com.


We occasionally offer volunteering opportunities on our projects. If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact us on info@raincrewuk.com.

We Bring The Rain