Rain Crew London Dance Event

Batman and Robin: The Concept Explained

On Saturday 3rd October 2015 we’ll be introducing two new competition categories for the Rain Autumn Jam 2015.

The Allstyles category and the Batman and Robin category.

Batman and Robin

  1. Under16s will compete in a 1vs1 elimination breaking battle to select the top8 dancers
  2. Adults will also compete in a 1vs1 elimination breaking battle to select the top8 over 16s dancers
  3. The Top8 Under 16s; Batman  will each select an adult to be their Robin to partner and complete the competition as a 2on2.

The Winning pair will be awarded a prize.


1. Marso (MDK)
2. Slammellzee (SUP Crew)
3. Clint (Rain Crew)

Why Batman and Robin?

Recently, B-boy culture has been focusing on the individual. We’ve seen huge developments in the global reach and support for our culture from outside entities for the 1on1 competition. Although this is positive, it is still our responsibility to work on the ground to source and nurture the next generation.  In creating the Batman and Robin concept we had three main goals.

  1. To encourage a culture of mentoring within the dance community that elevates us both collectively and individually within our art-forms.
  2. To produce and environment that inspires and nurtures the next generation of dancers and creatives with an understanding of fundamental elements of our culture. Online tutorials are useful, but human interaction is irreplaceable.
  3. The Rain Autumn Jam will pilot this concept which we hope to use to create opportunities for young people facing difficulties and/or challenges socially, at homes and in school to escape into a safe and nurturing community.

Overall, our aim is to deliver an event that will be a fun environment for dancers to interact with others at various levels and abilities, while also providing the opportunity to develop new skills to express themselves.

Join us on Saturday 3rd October 2015 where you can dance alongside some of the best that the UK has to offer.

Rain Autumn Jam 2015 - Rain Crew