Busk For Peace - Inspire4justice and Rain Crew - London Trafalgar Square 2016

Busk For Peace

BUSK FOR PEACE was created on International Day of Peace, 21/09/2016 by Inspire4Justice and Rain Crew with the aim of raising funds and raising awareness for crises that get little media attention.

(Filmed and edited by  Ade Onanuga & Sophie Williams)


Clint Sinclair Rain Crew and Savan Shah Inspire4justice together at Busk for Peace 2016

“After watching the news and understanding the power the media has in terms of their discretion of content, it made me realise that what they broadcast doesn’t always represent everyone equally and it is often biased due to external influences.” – Savan Shah

“We often tell ourselves that we can’t make a difference; that what we do doesn’t matter. And If we believe it, we make it true. So the first step to change is edifying oneself and the people around us  to become aware of our world, how it impacts us and how we impact it. The next is through action. These things take time but if we all do a little, it’ll mean allot.” – Clint Sinclair

“It’s important to raise awareness that the media doesn’t always cover the worst crisis/tragedy in need of aid or relief – we are trying to do our bit to change that… it takes one step to start a movement…” – Savan Shah

“Taking to the streets and using our talents in such a public way to raise funds and awareness brings us directly to the people who can make a difference and provides help for those who need it the most”  – Clint Sinclair

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In 2012 the world was once again shaken by the Israel-Palestine conflict which sent images and videos of extreme suffering to all corners of the globe. Sep Dashtipour and Clint Sinclair decided to raise awareness and funds through a street performance with London’s urban dancer scene.

Following the success of this and further tragedy in the Philippines the pair got together again in 2013 to provide aid to grassroots organisations in the affected areas with the support of dancers from across London including Savan Shah.

Since then the group has raised money for victims of the conflict in Syria and the earthquake in Nepal in 2013.

2014 saw a disastrous escalation of the conflict in Palestine. As a result the team co-ordinated a series of street performances in  six cities across four countries in Europe to raise awareness and funds for grassroots organisations and aid workers within the affected areas.


Busking For Palestine – Birmingham Day 2


Busk For Peace – Sat 28th Jan 2017
Busk For Peace – Sat 17th Dec 2016
Busk For Peace – Sun 2nd Oct 2016
Busking For Palestine – London (UK) – Sun 24th August 2014
Busking For Palestine – Lisbon (Portugal) – Sat 23rd August 2014
Busking For Palestine – Amsterdam (NL) – Sat 16th August 2014
Busking For Palestine – Birmingham (UK) – Sun 3rd August 2014
Busking For Palestine – Exeter (UK) – Sunday 3rd August 2014
Busking For Palestine – London (UK) – Fri 1st August 2014
Busking For Palestine – Nicosia (Cyprus) – Thurs 31st July 2014
Busk For Nepal DEC Emergency Earthquake Appeal – Mon 4th May 2015
Busk For Syria DEC Emergency Crisis Appeal –
Busk For the Philippines Typhoon Appeal – Sun 23rd Nov 2013
Busk For the Philippines Typhoon Appeal – Sun 17th Nov 2013
Busking For Peace in Palestine and Israel – Sun 2nd Dec 2012


Where possible we have prefered to contact grassroots organisations In areas affected by saftey issues to support their work. However on many occassions we have also supported charities doing good work on the ground supporting those in need of help. Having considered various charities throughout each campaign, Busk For Peace and Dancers Against Disaster has donated to the following organisations:

British Red Cross (www.redcross.org.uk/)
Disaster Emergency Committee (https://www.dec.org.uk/)
Interpal (http://www.interpal.org/)
Ummah Welfare Trust (http://www.uwt.org/)
MSF / Doctors Without Borders (http://www.msf.org.uk/)

Médecins Sans Frontières (UK)

In recent campigns we have opted to support Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) by specifically requesting funding is directed to areas in desperate need of support but with little media attention.

MSF is an independent humanitarian medical aid organisation. Who are committed to providing medical aid where it is most needed, regardless of race, religion, politics or gender and also to raising awareness of the plight of the people we help.

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