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Rain Crew Spring Bboy (Breakdance) Courses

Centre Stage Dance Studios

12 Week Course
Thursday 3rd January 2013 – Thursday 21st March 2013
Day/Time : Thursdays
                         18.30 – 20.30 4-16 years £50
                         20.30 – 22.30 16+ £50
Style / Level: Bboy (Breakdance) Beginner / Intermediate
Location: Centre stage Dance studio, 1 Gurney Road, London E15 1SH

Our tutors individually have up to 10 years of experience teaching adults and children from beginners to competition level. Our 2 hour classes typically consist of:

  • Toprock + Drops warmup
  • Stretch
  • Conditioning
  • foundation tutorial and drills
  • Something different (Routine, Power/Dynamic tutorial, Freetime)
  • Battle / Cypher
  • Warm-down

Centre Stage Dance Studios

12 Week Course
Thursday 3rd January 2013 – Thursday 21st March 2013
Day/Time : Sundays
                        18.00 – 19.00 4-16 years £50
                        19.00 – 20.00 16+ £50
Style / Level: Bboy (Breakdance) Drill Session
Location: Centre stage Dance studio, 1 Gurney Road, London E15 1SH

Details: This is strictly an intense 1 hour drill session for different toprock, footwork, power and freeze drills over the hour.


  •  Please ensure you are warm and stretched before entering the Sunday drill session to avoid injury
  •  All our tutors have valid CRBs and Public Liability Insurance, however you are also responsible for your own saftey and should take care when in this class
  • Please ensure you come to each session already warmed and stretched
  • Please ensure you wear comfortable trainers to each class
  • Please ensure you wear suitable comfortable clothing for being also being on your back: Tracksuit bottom, Chinos, and T-Shirts/vests/jumpers
  • Please ensure you bring your own protective gear – Kneepads/headspin hats


The aim of each course is to specifically develop each individual dancer’s abilities by passing on the knowledge and techniques that we’ve collected over the years. Our two main days at Centre Stage Dance Studio are on a Thursday and a Sunday: The Thursday session will have a class structure aimed at slowly developing training techniques, moves and concepts that each dancer can take further as individuals. We aim to assist each dancer in developing skills, fitness, and experience through active participation in each section of the classes. Our Sunday session is allot more intense and compliments Thursday sessions. On Sundays, dancers are expected to arrive already warm and stretched to begin a 1 hour drill session of individual moves. Typical drills would be six-step for 1 minute and then rest for 1 minute then three-step for 1 minute and rest and so forth. The aim of this session is to condition the body and muscles to recall each move with minimum effort.

The Course fee covers 12 weeks but would be a cheaper option that paying for each class individually since you’d only be paying for 10. Students are also free to attend and pay for classes individually at only £5 per class.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us and we’ll get back to you asap.

What is Top Rock City?

“A website dedicated to the original foundation and concepts for what we now refer to as “Top Rock”, To us this simply means “Rockin’ on Top”.

Rocking (in our humble opinion) represents the body movement that we do when we are gettin’ down to Funk, Soul, Latin Soul, R&B, Funk, Rock, ect.

While others have opinions that might differ from ours. We stand strong in our convictions and are always ready to put it on the line where it counts. On the Dance Floor.

TRC: Is NOT a CREW! Both Ynot and Mr. Wiggles represent pure Hip Hop with the pioneering force of “The Rock Steady Crew”.

TRC is a Movement and what we call a “Click” of two dancers who believe that Top Rockin’ has a foundation and history of it’s own and can be done without hitting the floor and still be equally powerful.

In essence we are HIP HOP dancers in it’s purest and Original form. And we ride the wave of  SOUL and FUNK.”

Still wondering what TopRock is? Well here’s a sample of what the founders of TRC Mr.Wiggles and BBoy Ynot can do



Impressed?…. well this following clip is of Mr. Wiggles “demonstrating bboy handstyles inspired by Jailhouse Rock. New York Street Fighting has been Embedded in BBOYIZM and ROCK DANCE since th 70’s.Mr Wiggles Learned these styles as a Bronx Youth by way of Slap Boxing. Cats would come out or Rikers Island (prison) and Spofford (correctional Facility located near wiggles home.) With New improved Hand Style and test there skills against other street pugilists in the Parks, Schoolyards and Street Corners of NYC.
Some Hand styles were defensive, some Offensive, others were like new improved Bolo Punches used to confuse the opponent and look cool while knocking them out!!!” – see video decription.

So who’s TRC’s best of the best right now?



Please don’t forget to check out the  Top Rock City website for more videos, information and knowledge.






Milton Kingz IV

It’s been a great weekend starting Friday 28th September 2012, with MDK (Mad Dope Kru) Marso’s fourth instalment of Milton Kingz. A regular battle night for bboys hosted in a club sitting atop a bus station in Milton Keynes. This was Rain’s first appearance at the event and upcoming Rain member Elliot Souris’s first battle… EVER!!

So after driving around London for an hour (courtesy of iPhone’s OS6 maps) we eventually make our way up the M25 motorway towards Milton Keynes and we arrive at the crack of night stumbling out of Italipino’s chariot of war; Clint, Elliot Pedriyo, and of course Italipino. As we enter the Buszby, We’re immediately embraced by some familiar faces and sounds courtesy of DJ Jam FU and DJ Khan FU; early indications that it was going to be a good night.

Within a few minutes the pre-selection for the Toprock Seven2Smoke begins, with Swifty (defending champion), Nene, Smash, Foggy, Leebee, Khanage, Funky Flave and Shingo in the final battle.

Mouse, Banner and Corrosive, judge each battle round by round and Nene (MDK) eventually takes the title and the money.


Next we begin the 2on2 eliminations, and oh the shock and horror; Italipino & El battle as Rain against Pedriyo & Clint… in a threeway!!! winner of the Toprock battle Nene & Andre (MDK) make the final team in this triplet. Clint & Pedriyo take it in a close finish with Nene & Andre.

In the quarter finals, Clint & Pedriyo battle defending champions Ichiban Sam the Vanilla Killa and the powerhouse that is Aerial both from MDK. It’s another close finish with Sam and Aerial winning and progressing all the way to the finals.

The final battle was intense and high energy; Sam & Aerial against brothers Kharnage (La Familia) & Razzle and both crews were serious contenders for the title. Luckily we recorded it but to get the full feel, you had to be there…

The only one other things to say are congratulations to El for having his first battle, thank you to everyone who was there for making it a great night, and thank you to MDK for sharing the initiation of their newest crew member Andre who battle eight full members including DJ Jam Fu.

Great night, looking forward to the next one.