In retrospect B-boying was a natural and inevitable conclusion as a form or expression and physical exchange for me. I remember once when I was around 4 years old, living in Jamaica, I played a game of ‘ring a ring of roses’ with my classmates and Instead of just putting my left foot in like all the other kids, I jumped into the circle and started doing what I thought was break-dancing at the time.

I was once told by a friend that you start breaking from the moment you take that first step and I can’t say I disagree with this, but any conscious decision to become a dancer wasn’t until I was about 20 years old. I had a both Hip-Hop and martial arts, and I needed the thrill of the direct confrontation that both provided. So when the opportunity to learn came, I followed my brother and snuck into classes taught by FM at a school that neither of us attended. I picked up the dancing and the moves quite fast, It took much longer for me to understand the fundamental, differences between a break dancer and a Bboy. While I was discovering and developing my love for breaking, I completed my undergrad and did a Masters in International Law.I also joined the Air training Corpse, which is a voluntary group that is part of the Royal Air Force, and performed almost every sport I could. I also try to actively campaign against injustices in both my professional and personal life.

I’ve been dancing for a while, but only with Rain have I found a crew that is my family. They motivate me to be the best that I can be in a world that is a harmonic synergy of comradery and battle. In order to push ourselves we travel around the world chasing cyphers and competitions. Every step we take feels like it’s only the beginning, as our abilities and achievements grow, so do our ambitions.

Dance Styles:        Breaking | House
Date of Birth:        5 April 1984





  • Founding member of Rain Crew (2009)
  • Director of Rain Crew LTD (2013)
  • Taught as an assistant instructor with B-boy FM at Brampton School
  • Performed with the National Ballet as part of a youth arts exchange project
  • Performed for Britvic
  • Awarded the Scarman Trust to facilitate a youth dance project in East London (Brampton and The Hartley Centre)
  • Performed at the Boy Blue (BBE) Show in Stratford Theatre under the group name Bionikal
  • Toured with an Urban Circus performing in London and Plymouth
  • Awarded funding by Westminster Arts and Youth Sports Trust to eastablish a 1 year youth dance project in Westminster Pimlico
  • Performed at The London O2 Arena
  • Closing act for Breaking Convention 2011
  • Closing act for Breakin’ Rules 2012
  • B-boy teacher and coach at Centre Stage Dance Studios
  • B-boy teacher and coach at Hartley Centre London
  • Winner of Vile Style 7
  • Winner of WHAT YOU GOT!
  • Winner of Bring your Ultimate II 2on2
  • Winner of Raw Circles 2013 Toprock
  • Winner of NKOTB U14s 2on2 2013
  • Judge at ATD breakin’ Brass
  • Judge at What You Got

We Bring The Rain