Plan A Project

Setting the Record Straight


Setting the Record Straight from Clint Sinclair on Vimeo.


The Plan-A project was a b-boy project aimed at teaching young people in Westminster the art-form and history of b-boying in preparation for a performance at the South West Fest 2008. The project was the brainchild and product of Rosella Black who saw potential to create and deliver an art form to a disenfranchised group of youths in Westminster in a language that they could relate to and digest. Despite the fact that the project was originally funded for only a Six-month period by Westminster Arts and Youths Sports Trust; Rosella and her team were able to sustain the project for an entire year and produce this film.

This film was created, produced, directed and edited by Jai Stokes of EMI Records and Rosella Black featuring Clint Sinclair and Kofi Mingo.

We Bring The Rain