Tuesday Breaking Class

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Weekly Open Classes

Where:     Danceworks Studio
When :      Tuesdays 18.00 – 19.00

Style / Level: Bboy (Breakdance) Beginner / Intermediate
Location: Danceworks Studio, 16 Balderton Street, London W1K 6TN

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Our classes typically consist of:

    • Toprock + Drops warmup
    • Stretch
    • Conditioning
    • foundation tutorial and drills
    • Something different (Routine, Power/Dynamic tutorial, Freetime)
    • Battle / Cypher
    • Cool-down


Our tutors individually have up to 10 years of experience teaching adults and children from beginners to competition level which has allowed us to create a syllabus and lesson plans designed to encourage health and fitness, develop new skills and co-ordination and build a knowledge of B-boy vocabulary.

Our 1 hour classes are great for those looking for a healthy option to compliment alternative dance styles and clubbers, experienced B-boys and individuals seeking a fun, and exciting way to keep fit.

Students will learn and develop something new each session, but for those attending regularly we aim to assist you building a knowledge of b-boy foundation, training, labbing and battle techniques to improve your personal fitness and assist in your creativity and efficiency for cyphers and battles.


        • Individual Classes are £5.00 per lesson plus Danceworks membership fee
        • Please ensure you are warm and stretched before entering the session to avoid injury
        •  All our tutors have valid CRBs and Public Liability Insurance, however you are also responsible for your own saftey and should take care when in this class
        • Wear comfortable trainers,  and suitable confortable clothing  to each class: Tracksuit bottoms, Chinos, and vests / jumpers / T-Shirts are all acceptable
        • Please bring your own protective gear – Kneepads/headspin hats


    We Bring The Rain