Blanka Workshop

Workshop info:

Date: Friday 3 April 6pm – 9pm
Location: Centre Stage Studio, 1 Gurney Road, London E15 1SH
Damage: £15
Style / Level: BBoy workshop / Dancers of all levels welcome


About Blanka:
I am a very creative soul that loves to pass on of my own experiences and feel that I have a lot to give. I’ve been dancing the last 14 years and have been all around the world – throughout my career, i’ve been giving workshops in many different countries, judged battles as well as participating my self. I’m an exclusive member of Migthy Zulu Kingz, Floor Gangz Worldwide and Starchild La Rock.
For me it is important to pass on originality, expression and the history/tradition of the hip hop culture, our roots and knowledge. In my point of view dance is suppose to be fun, evolution, inspiration and intellectuallity – a free space from the every day life, where you can let go of the stress and be free and communicate with your body through dance.

Post your name our facebook event page if you’d like to register

Wear comfortable trainers, and suitable comfortable clothing to the class: Tracksuit bottoms, Chinos, and vests / jumpers / T-Shirts are all acceptable.

Please bring your own protective gear – Kneepads/headspin hats

please contact us for booking and information:

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