Flower boys

by Maren Ellermann

Question: How are bboying and flowers related?

Answer: In many many ways.

Flowers can have male reproduction organs, female reproduction organs, or both. And like flowers, bboying has no specific gender. Just because you’re female, doesn’t mean you can change the name of the game. A flower is a flower, and bboying is bboying no matter what kind or reproduction organs one might have.

Not every plant has flowers, just like not every human is a bboy. Like bboying, a flower consists out of different parts. There is the stem, which can be considered as the foundation of the plant. The leaves show the style of the plants. The sepals, which are the tiny petals on the bottom of the plant is footwork. The filament is toprock. And the anther, which contains the reproductive organs are the plants power-moves.

A flower is the colourful part of a plant, and bboying brings out the colour in humans. A person normally considered a grey mouse can develop, ‘flower’, into a person dripping bright colours from every hole imaginable when breaking.

Flower is also considered to be a state of efflorescence, the period of greatest productivity. For a bboy the period of greatest productivity can be when he is training, and for some bboying their greatest productivity comes while battling or cyphering. Therefore the moment when bboy flower, can change per bboy. When a flower is flowering and he is in a state of efflorescence, he loses water and exposes it to the air. Similar to bboys, because bboying is hard work and the loss of water, sweat, can’t be stopped when the bboy is flowering -> training/battling/cyphering.

The list goes on and on, and because my intention is not boring you to death I shall stop here. I think I proved my point by now. Bboying and flowers…. so similar.