Hakim Saber

I was born in London in 1990 and originate from a North African background. Spending 8 years living in France inspired me to pursue Translation Studies and Linguistics at Middlesex University. In my travels I have found being fluent in English, French and Arabic to be a great helps and further it has certainly had an influence on my unique style of dance.

My journey into the world of dance started with Breaking, I soon went on to studying other styles including House and Hip-Hop as well as discovering many other’s such as Popping, Contemporary and even Capoeira.

I was a founding member of Rain Crew when it formed in 2009 as primarily a Breakdancing crew, but I am also member of BirdGang UK, a Hip Hop dance crew. Both crews have been building foundations within the community to contribute to hip-hop culture and the creative arts at both national and international level and I am proud to be a member of both.

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Styles of Dance:      Breaking | House | Hiphop | Popping |
                                          Contemporary | Capoeira
Date of Birth:            6 March 1990

Hakim Saber Rain Crew Dancer Bboy

•Performed at London O2 Arena 2010
•Performed as the closing act for Breaking Convention 2011
•Performed at Breaking Convention 2014
•Dancer in TV Show ‘It’s a Paul birling’
•Dancer in Hip Hop theatre production ‘Over the Edge’
•Dancer for Hip Hop dance crew Birdgang
•Dancer for “The Five” national tour BBE
•B-boy Teacher and Coach at Centre Stage Dance Studio
•B-Boy Teacher and Coach at Studio68
•B-boy Teacher and Coach at Project Ledge

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