My life changed when I started dancing in December 2009. I discovered my passion. I was doing both Hip Hop and B-Boying, but it didn´t take me long to realise that B-Boying is the thing for me. I haven´t stopped breaking since, and I doubt that I ever will.Besides being a dancer, I study Sport Science and hope to have a career in this field one day. I also do modelling, and have been signed to a modelling agency. Through this agency I get booked for photoshoots and runway shows, and it helps me broaden my horizon as an artist.

B-Boying remains my biggest passion, and I’ve been taking my dancing skills to higher levels. And this is what I’ll keep on doing, the sky isn´t even the limit. I will keep on improving, keep on performing and keep on battling and hereby showcasing and advertising myself and Rain Crew. I still have loads to learn, and I have a long way ahead of me but I’m willing to take everything on board to help me become a successful artist. A B-Boy.

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Dance Styles:           Breaking | Hiphop | Funk Styles
Date of Birth:           28 December 1993



We Bring The Rain