Kofi in a Blaze

So here’s an update:

8 shows in and the tour is going good. Moscow public are very stern in nature, but make it known (vocally) when they like the show which hasn’t fully sold out, but none-the-less, our performances doesn’t slip.

Between performances my time has been spent getting to grips with my body, while adapting to the climate and show as well as getting as much guidance on the techniques of moves I’m currently building. I can honestly say that everyone in the cast is on the same page with that.

the trick is to not overdo your training knowing that you possibly have 2 shows a day.

We have 6 shows left, then we head to Saint Petersburg.

The Show?… Blaze. The Place?… Russia. The cast?… Some of the best dancers imported from all over the world to put on an amazing must see performance .



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By Kofi Mingo  see www.blazetheshow.com for more info.