Kofi in a Blaze: Part 2

The Russian leg of the Blaze tour happened beterrn the 4th and 26th November 2012 taking the Dutch company and its cast to its coldest climates yet.

So far performances have been in Holland, Bangkok, Germany, Paris, London, Italy and our next destination in January 2013 will be Australia.

My 1st tour with Blaze was September 2012 in Holland for a one month stint and this was my 1st international tour.

Why Russia? Well after touring most of Europe, the Russian theatre really liked the package that Blaze put together and thought it would be a good investment as I think the case has been each of the other countries that it has toured in. The show itself is very fun, and tries to give the “wow” factor throughout. 3 world class bboys are always part of the cast, as well as a pool of experienced professional choreography dancers, Soloists, and freestylers.

Hopefully after watching the show, you’ll have a sense of not caring how technical each performed style has to be but instead be left with the desire and belief to ” JUST DANCE”.


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