Kofi Mingo

My passion introduced itself to me in 1999. Since then, I have put myself into as many different projects and activities as possible to aid my growth as a dancer. I always try to keep me on par with other passionate professionals in the field of dance, while never “burning any bridges” with existing connections. No matter where I go or who I meet, I always absorb as much information as I possibly can.Every environment that I come across as a dancer and every person I meet helps me to understand the history of the Hip Hop culture. It keeps me up to date with current information, because the culture and the dance are ever changing and evolving and you can never stop learning, it also helps me to maintain my focus on tomorrow.

Besides being a dancer, choreographer, freestyler and battler I am a Hip Hop dance researcher.In my future, I see no boundaries with what I want to accomplish with my skills. If I started thinking about and seeing boundaries, I would have already stopped.

Styles of Dance:     Breaking | Hiphop | Popping | 90’s Hiphop
Date of Birth:           8 July 1983

The Notorious IBE 2013


•Blaze European tour
•Dancer in award-winning Hip Hop theatre show ‘The Pied Piper’
•Orange “Ninja” 2012 campaign (2 TV adverts)
•Commercial Footlocker’s “Deadmau5/Puma” 2011 trainer
•Heineken 2011 “Equaliser” advert
•A-star 2011 Book advert
•Loved Up (Aerial bungee show) 2007
•Butlins “sounds of the underground” touring show
•So You Think You can Dance UK season 1
•Dancer for Brit Awards 2011
•Breaking Convention 2011
•Choreographer for Paralympics Sochi 2014 closing ceremony
•Smirnoff 2014 drinks viral promotional campaign

Worked for:
•Geri Halliwell
•George Michael
•Dizzie Rascal
•Plan B

We Bring The Rain