Last Man Standing 2015 – Kofi Mingo (Rain Crew)

by Kofi Mingo

So, once again, I decide to put myself in a difficult position…

I agree to work as a DJ for Reckless Lee’s Last Man Standing 2015 dance battle… I also agree to battle as 1 of 5 invited entrants for the last man standing finals. What does this mean? Let me explain…


The competition was split into 2 sections:

1) Participants can enter any of the 5 battle categories available:

  • Hiphop
  • Krump
  • House
  • Breaking
  • Popping

2) Each category winner is then entered into The Last Man Standing battle against 5 invited dancers.


As Dj for the event, my role was to play throughout the qualifying rounds for hip-hop, house and breaking. This meant 5hrs of hype battles to hype music with hype dancers.

From the prelims  through to the finals, i tried my best to keep the crowd / battlers / Judges entertained with my music selection.

Check me out here…





Each of the dancers were determined to prove that they were the best, not just in their style own style, but in all styles. Everyone wanted to see what the 5 winners had left, and each of the invited dancers were eager prove that they experience deserved the invite.

The Rules

The reigning champion stands up 1st (this year, Marvel, reigning champ, could not take part, so he nominated his crewmate “Breakz” to take his place).
So “Breakz” had to choose 1 opponent, who would then dance 1st in the battle…The judges vote…The winner stays on.

Each player has 3 lives, the last man standing wins the £250 prize and more goodies.

Unfortunately, i was the 3rd dancer to lose all 3 lives in the competition.
Every dancer threw-down their best moves, from breaking, to Krump, and Popping to hiphop and The crowd was hyped, unable to hold back showing their support.

The Dj for the battle Dbo (Chief Rocka) was asked to only play tracks with high energy, but otherwise had total freedom to use music from ANY genre which maintained the excitement throughout the competition.

The combination of all these factors made the whole event an exciting, fun-loving, beat-killing battle. Now in it’s second edition, I believe The Last Man Standing battle should definitely remain as a regular event in the UK dance scene and continue to broaden the reach of dance and dancers.

Next up for me, road trip to IBE 2015 in HOLLAND here i come!!!