Ultimate Kingz of the Battleground 2013

by Mariya Majid

Saturday 30th March 2013 was a day of celebration for the Milton Kingz one year anniversary held at the Creed street Centre in Milton Keynes. Over the past year the event has featured toprock battles, 7tosmokes, pole-dancing  2on2s and solos with dancers from all over the country travelling to compete and support. The one year anniversary included a top rock cypher contest and with a 7tosmoke final as the main event. The judges for the competition were Bboy POE ONE (Style Elements/MZK), Bboy Mouse (FloorGangz Worldwide/MZK) and Bboy Flo (Gethlow Pirates). The main event began with a cypher elimination to select eight bboys from the circles, Bboy Chilly (Rain Crew) being among them. The eight then had to battle the eight invited b-boys, which included Bboy V.O. (Rain Crew). This lead to a new and exciting concept, the eight that had qualified had to call out one of the invited eight to battle, the loser would be eliminated eventually leaving eight to go through to the 7 to smoke. Bboy V.O. was the first to be called out Bboy Megatron (Soul Tribe) but he quickly secured his place in the 7 to smoke. Chilly went next and called out Bboy Khanage (La familia/KR Flow) but wasn’t eliminated despite a technical high energy battle.


The 7 to smoke lasted just under half an hour and was tense with all eight of the b-boys going at each round with all they had. V.O. was awarded first place winning a cash prize. POE ONE had won the toprock cypher and with it a personalised denim jacket that he gave to V.O. which he hasn’t taken  off since his victory. For V.O. it wasn’t winning the prize that was the best part of the victory, that was just a bonus. For him the best part was knowing all that he has struggled for and all the training he does has paid off so far and that he can entertain audiences through dance, and this is when he feels most free.

At the very same time on the very same day was Bboy Broly (Rain Crew) made his way to Swansea Battle Grounds 2013, for a 2on2  breaking battle and a 1on1 power-move battle. The judges were Enos (Illumination), Boost (Illumination), Kwamikazee and Chaos but Enos also entered the power-move battle facing Broly who entered both categories. Although he was most excited about the power-moves battle, Broly was keen to enter the 2on2 with his close friend Bboy Coloseis. The pair made it all the way to the finals and facing Madrock and Ozzy. Each Bboy went three rounds with Broly and Coloseis setting the tone of the battle and leaving the competition with a win. Unfortunately Broly was not so successful in the power-move battle where he was knocked out in the first round by Bboy Enos.

However both battles gave Broly insight into some of his strengths and weaknesses which has motivated him to train harder for the next event.


The winning streak did not end there and on Sunday 7th April 2013 it Rained on Bedford at Bring your Ultimate 2013. Last year the group had entered all categories of the competition, and managed to get through to the finals of the crew battle, where they lost to Trinity Warriors. This year they were determined to win, but also saw this as an opportunity to introduced some of the less experienced students feel the full heat of battle. Upon entering the venue the group scanned the room for Trinity Warriors, hoping they could face them once more but this was a relatively small jam with limited transport links so on this occasion trinity was not there. With Dj Jam Fu on the decks however, this did not dampen their spirits in any way and the group quickly kicked off a series of cyphers with Host Swifty setting pace. During the warm up E dot accidentally kicked another Bboy in the neck (which he is sincerely sorry for), and in his first solo battle, student Dylan gave it his best in the qualifers but unfortunately didn’t progress onto the main event. Battling in the 2on2 were Edot with Italipino, Clint with Bboy Lil J, P-star with Chilly and FM with Kofi. Only eight pairs were selected to qualify including Clint & Lil J as well as Chilly and P-Star. Both pairs battled hard, eventually  facing each other in the finals. No one held back as both sides wanted to win, proving themselves to each other, but at the end of the two rounds all three judges voted for Chilly and P-Star making them the winners of the Bring Your Ultimate’s 2on2 competition.

The most exciting battles of the event were the crew battles, with each crew focused on winning. Battling for Rain we had Clint, Chilly, Dylan, E dot, FM, Kofi, Lil J and P Star. Other crews battling included Apex, FSA, Illumination and Tactical Chambers. In preparation for future battles the crew wanted to experiment with various strategies for crew competitions and it was also the first time they were battling as a crew for some time, especially with some new faces. regardless of the outcome, the day would prove to be productive and educational. In the first round Rain battle Illumination in a 10 minute faceoff which Illumination won two votes to one.

Apex battled Tactical chambers, beating them and joining Illumination in the semi finals and FSA went straight through to the semi finals to face the best of the losers were brought back to battle them. This meant that Rain would have another chance at the title. After 10 minutes of battling between FSA and Rain Crew the judges were unable to make a decision resulting in a tie breaker round. Kofi (Rain Crew) went up against Bboy Innocent (FSA) who he managed to beat securing Rain a place in the finals. Illumination faced Apex and made their way into the finals to face Rain Crew once again.

The battle was fierce with each B-boy impatient throw-down and represent his crew. The battle ended with Rain Crew winning and taking first prize in both 2on2s and Crews. B-boy Enos (Illumination crew) took first place in the solos and Let’s hope their winning streak takes them to the end of the year.