Open Training Sessions | London

London has a variety of free and/or affordable dance and training spaces open to dancers of all styles. See below for details of specific locations, the schedules and prices. Please note that these sessions are not provided by Rain Crew but we’ll do our best to answer your queries.

Centre Stage Studio

Providing weekly training jam in east London every Tuesday from 10:45pm until late. Aimed encouraging sharing, cyphering and training to push the scene as a collective. All styles are welcome and Djs are welcome to spin for practice or pleasure.

Rain Crew Centre Stage Studio | Rain Crew | Open Dance Training Spaces

Basic Info

Tuesday: 22:45 – 02:00
Price: £2.00

Style / Level: Dancers of all styles and all levels.
Age: N/A
Location:  Centre Stage Studio, 1 Gurney Road, London E15 1SH

Contact: www.facebook.com/groups/899491956793114/

Power Space

Power Space is a free open dance training spot hosted the LMNade Associates & #UNITY. It happens every Sunday 3-6pm at Stour Space in Hackney Wick with our crew djs & extended dj family playing records.

Bring knee pads, it’s a hard concrete floor.

Power Space Session Free Training Session - Rain Crew

Basic Info

Sundays: 15:00 – 18:00
Price: Free

Style / Level: Dancers of all styles and all levels.
Age: N/A
Location: 7 Roach Rd, (Hackney Wick), Tower Hamlets, E3 2PA

Contact: www.facebook.com/groups/239114416495533/

Royal Festival Hall Cloakroom Space

The Royal Festival Hall cloakroom space is used by many artists for rehearsals and training. Southbank Centre welcomes all communities to use the foyer spaces of the Royal Festival Hall in many different ways, we are pleased to see that people have found creative ways of using the cloakroom space and welcome these artists here.

“It is very important to us that many people can use our foyer spaces for informal gatherings or activities, in groups or individually, and that one activity doesn’t prevent another one from taking place. We want all our visitors to be able to enjoy the space side by side, both practically and safely. To ensure that artists can use the cloakroom space and that people can still access the cloakroom for its original purpose we publish a timetable monthly showing when the cloakroom can be used by artists for rehearsals and training.”

You can use the Facebook group to access that timetable as well as information about the Royal Festival Hall Cloakroom Space.

Southbank centre | Rain Crew | Open Training Spaces

Basic Info

Schedule: www.facebook.com/groups/313509212122214/
Price: Free

Style / Level: Dancers of all styles and all levels.
Age: N/A
Location:  Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XX

Contact: www.facebook.com/southbank.learningparticipation

Carpenters Dojo

Carpenter’s Dojo was originally secured as a training space for dancers of Boy Blue Entertainment and close partners Rain Crew. Over time Rain Crew invited more and more b-boys to the dojo until it became a valued training spot to the scene. Without the oversight of Boy Blue, the space came under risk of closure so Konrad renegotiated the terms of use with the centre managers to allow free access to dancers under certain conditions.

For this reason it is advised that individuals contact Konrad before attending their first session, and importantly show respect to the dancers and the space.

carpenters & dockland centre and dojo | Open dance training spaces London | Rain Crew

Basic Info

Fridays: 18:00 – 19:45
Price: Free

Style / Level: Dancers of all styles and all levels.
Age: N/A
Location:  Carpenters & Dockland Centre, Startford Centre 98 Gibbins Road, London E15 2HU

Contact: Konrad

Stratford Centre

“Through the evening and into the night, the Stratford Centre houses a community of skaters, dancers and body-poppers who move liberated from stereo to stereo. It’s like being in an 80s version of the future…”

source: http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/the-stratford-centre-is-thriving-in-westfields-giant-shadow-098

From 8:00pm the shops within the Stratford Centre close and dancers are able to congregate and train by the East wing of the centre outside the Carphone Warehouse. Patrolled by both security guards and police, the centre reluctantly tolerates the dancers, skaters and homeless people who use the centre for their own purposes.

For this reason it is important for those attending the centre to respect the space, the staff, the shops  and the other users.

Basic Info

Mondays: 20:00
Tuesdays: 20:00
Wednesdays: 20:00
Thursdays: 20:00
Fridays: 20:00
Saturdays: 20:00
Sundays: 20:00

Price: Free

Style / Level: Dancers of all styles and all levels.
Age: N/A
Location:  Stratford  Centre, 54a Broadway, London E15 1NG

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