Rain Crew has entered many performances and competitions worldwide and we’ve worked with organisations such as Adidas and Orange. But since we’ve registered as a private limited company under a guarantee we have been shifting our focus towards outreach projects in the community.

Our members specialise in various art forms from writing, DJing and music production to other dance styles such as Krump, Popping, Hiphop and house. Our main forte however is BBoying, better known as breakdancing. Individually we perform acrobatics, power moves and technical breakdance toprock and footwork, which can be choreographed and/or free styled. Together with our own full-time DJ, this will result in vibrant and exciting shows.

We offer our services to companies and organisations, national and international, who share the same passion for empowering people in the community to make positive changes in their lives. We invite donations for the specific use in outreach aimed at helping young people invest in themselves and their community for a better future.

We are trying to reach out to any youth related institutions to pass our collective knowledge onto the next generation. Through our collective experiences in dance, we are able to communicate what we’ve learnt through unique teaching / training techniques, structure timetable deadlines, and our patented syllabus that enables every student to utilise the core GSCE subjects with the actual dance training itself.

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