Project Ledge

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£2 Open Classes

until 26th June 2014

Bboy (Breakdance) Classes

Forest Gate Youth Centre

Wednesdays / 16:00 – 17:30

Fridays / 16:00 – 17:30

Style / Level: Bboy (Breakdance) Beginner / Intermediate
Location: Forest Gate Youth Centre, 1 Woodford road, London E7 0DH


Our classes typically consist of:

  • Toprock + Drops warmup
  • Stretch
  • Conditioning
  • foundation tutorial and drills
  • Something different (Routine, Power/Dynamic tutorial, Freetime)
  • Battle / Cypher
  • Cool-down


With the help of Forest Gate Youth Centre and Newham Council’s Go For It Grant, Rain Crew are happy to introduce Project Ledge.

Project Ledget

This series of workshops will take place every Wednesday and Friday for a period of 8 weeks until Friday 27th June 2014. That’s 16 lessons to get fit, and build b-boy knowLEDGE on your journey to becoming Legendary for only £2.00 per session.

Workshop with B-boy Flaco

Our final class will be followed by a special Saturday workshop with B-boy Flaco on Saturday 28th June 2014.

Sunday Roast UK – London Edition

Finally you’ll be able to test your skills and everything you’ve learned on Sunday 29th June 2014


Our tutors individually have up to 10 years of experience teaching adults and children from beginners to competition level which has allowed us to create a syllabus and lesson plans designed to encourage health and fitness, develop new skills and co-ordination and build a knowledge of B-boy vocabulary.

Hakim Saber

Hakim Saber Rain Crew Dancer Bboy

Maren Ellermann

Maren Ellermann Rain Crew Dancer Bboy

B-Boy FM

Jason FM Hull Rain Crew Dancer Bboy


Our 1 hour 30 minute classes are great for those looking for a healthy option to compliment alternative dance styles, clubbers, experienced B-boys and individuals seeking a fun, and exciting way to keep fit.


8 Week Objective

Toprock Basics and Toprock steps including travelling, musicality, move creation and intensity.

Drops & go downs to help dancers get down on the floor and back up on their feet while dancing quickly and effectively.

Footwork & Groundwork including footwork patterns, and transitions.

Freezes and Power-moves to give your throwdown dynamics.

Students will learn and develop something new every session and by the end of the course students will have knowledge of bboy foundation, they would have developed training, labbing and battle techniques to improve their personal fitness and assist in their creativity and efficiency for cyphers and battles.

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  • Individual Classes are £5.00 per lesson plus Danceworks membership fee
  • Please ensure you are warm and stretched before entering the session to avoid injury
  • All our tutors have valid CRBs and Public Liability Insurance, however you are also responsible for your own saftey and should take care when in this class
  • Wear comfortable trainers, and suitable confortable clothing to each class: Tracksuit bottoms, Chinos, and vests / jumpers / T-Shirts are all acceptable
  • Please bring your own protective gear – Kneepads/headspin hats


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