rahzel x Rain Crew x Soul Mavericks

Rahzel x Rain Crew x Soul Mavericks

On Thursday 22nd September 2016 Beatbox King Rahzel took to the stage with DJ JS-1 at the London O2 Brooklyn Bowl presiding over a live B-Boy battle between London’s finest Chilly and P-Star (Rain Crew) and Gabs and Izaak (Soul Mavericks).

You may know it as breakdance but we call it breaking and it’s practitioners are B-boys and B-girls. Students and children of one of the four elements of hip-hop culture. Friends and rivals Soul Mavericks and Rain Crew bless the London o2 arena with a display of hip-hop ritual that is the battle. No judges. No rules. No rehearsals. Just raw expression.

It’s in this moment of spontaneous physical expression that we create our tapestry of complex rhythmic convulsions that disappear faster than the brain can full comprehend. To the novice spectator each move blurs into another seamlessly indistinguishable in an unbroken flow of dynamics. To the seasoned practitioner or hip-hop aficionado, this single fleeting moment is art.┬áTemporary, transitional, personal and ultimately priceless art – What one audience sees, no other group will see, hear, taste and touch quite the same again.

Most moves don’t have names and the art-form takes pride in the element of originality moving faster than the rate of creating such dogmatic ideas. Breaking takes many shapes and forms and has many points of origin so it follows that naming of moves is a secondary priority.

These fleeting un-named moments are a common feature of hip-hop culture; from graffiti to rap cyphers to live scratches, to beatboxing, each experience is unique.

This is hip-hop at it’s best.