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Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s born through contact, pressure and iteration. Hip-hop culture is an absolute manifestation of this creativity. Transitory creativity made of moments that occur once and may never come again. It is our belief that a dancer’s training only really begins after they’ve put their craft to the test and the Rain Jams were founded to be a catalyst in that process. Founded in 2014 the Rain Jams are seasonal events bringing people together to compete, jam and witness some of the most exciting dancers in the spirit of creativity and community.

Rain Winter Jam 2016 in 80 seconds  from Rain Crew on Vimeo.
Film & Editing: Chaz Bonner (Stance)


Battle Categories
Production Team
Featured Acts

Battle Categories

Production Team

Event Production: Clint Sinclair, Haseeb ‘Chilly’ Hearn, Perry ‘P-Star’ Howell
Hosts:Haseeb Chilly Hearn (Rain Crew), Simon Mid Air Lee aka SML ( Soul Mavericks), Perry P-Star Howell (Rain Crew), Warren Wild-G Gordon-Scott (Rain Crew)
DJ: Kofi Mingo (Rain Crew), Dbo, Khan Fu (MDK)
Judges: Clint Sinclair (Rain Crew), Razzle Roc (Smac19), Cri6, Lil Tim, Breakz (Monsters), Duke Lentes (UMA), Shush (Rugged Estate), Sharifa Tonkmor (Rain Crew / Daughters of the Dragon), Hakim Saber (Rain Crew), FM (Rain Crew),

Featured Acts and Partners

Maren Ellermann Sharfia Tonkmor - Daughters of the Dragon - Rain Crew
Daughters of the Dragon
Lucy Sam aka Sam Lu and Tomo Rice Noodle - Rain Spring Jam 2017
Rice Noodle
samurai-side-1 Mayamada - Rain Jams
Nest Magazine - Rain Jams
Nest Magazine
Rain Crew - Rain Spring Jam 2017 - Photos by Critters & Friends (Lupu Excesiv De Prietenos & Alexandra Gruian)
Spin the Barber
Rain Crew - Rain Spring Jam 2017 - Photos by Critters & Friends (Lupu Excesiv De Prietenos & Alexandra Gruian)
Tuina Massage Therapy




Spring Jam 18 Sunni & Vanessa (Breaking) Shawn (Popping) Pauline (Boiled Heads) Cri6 (Boiled Heads)

Winter Jam 17 Emil & Emilio (Breaking) Jessie (Hip-hop) Stepper (Boiled Heads) Infante (Boiled Heads)

Summer Jam 17 – Smac19: Khanage & LB (Breaking) Artful D (Openstyles)

Spring Jam 17 – Sunni (Breaking) Kieran & Brooke (Hip-hop & Popping)
Winter Jam 16 – Sunni & Ice (Openstyles) Sunni (Breaking)
Autumn Jam 16 – Grounded UK (Under 16s Crew) B-Family (Openstles) Spin and Sunni (Breaking)
Holloween Jam 16 (USA) – Nasty Kidz (Openstyles)
Summer Jam 16 – Grounded UK (Under 16s Crew) Shaadow & Chase (Openstyles) Hawk & Eugene (Breaking)
Spring Jam 16 – Rome & Manny (Batman and Robin)
Winter Jam 15 – Daz & Gravel (Batman & Robin)
Autumn Jam 15 – Amaan & Izaak (Batman & Robin) Sharifa (Openstyle)
Summer Jam 15 – Gravel (Breaking Under 16s)
Spaghetti (Breaking)
Spring Jam 15 – Nathan (Breaking Under 16s)
Izaak (Breaking)





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