Red Bull BC One 2013

By Mariya Majid


This year Red Bull BC One 2013 will be holding their world finals in Korea where sixteen of the world’s best b-boys will battle for the title of World Champion. In order to secure a place in one of the most prestigious competitions of the breaking world you must either be the current champion, one of the nine that are invited, or a winner of a regional final. There are only six regional finals and if you want to take part you have to win one of the Red Bull BC One Cyphers of which there are only fifty, with a combination of invited and qualifying competitors. As you can see this is a grueling process with only the best even being considered to compete.
The first ever Red Bull BC One United Kingdom Cypher was held in Leeds on the 25th May 2013. Judging were Bboy Mouse, Dj Hooch and B-boy Marcio. Eight B-boys had been invited to compete; Lee Roc, Spin, Sunni, Karam, Gabs, Ariel, Beanz and LB. An open qualifier was held before the main Cypher to find eight more B-boys out of eighty contenders to join the invited. This included; Jingles, Victor J, Kane KB, Illpegna, Reckless Lee, Manny, Collossus and Kofi; the only Rain Crew member to compete on the day.

Kofi was put up against LB in a two round battle with LB going through to the following rounds. LB continued to battle his way through to the finals where he faced Soul Mavericks member Reckless Lee, winning to become victor of Red Bull BC One UK 2013.

Just a week before, on 18th May 2013 Bboy VO was asked to battle in the Red Bull BC Cyper Madrid. Sixteen of Spain’s best Bboys and Bgirls were competing. Judging the battles were Extremo, Cico and Storm. A huge crowd turned up to witness the sell out event at the Teatro Circo Price.



B-boy V.O. battled his way throughout the competition, beating competition favourite B-boy Grazy and making his way to the finals to face his friend and two time champion, B-boy Chey. Both B-boys battled with very original and creative styles although their individual approaches to the music made an interesting battle to watch and left the audience divided. At the end of the battle the judges favoured Chey and he was once again titled champion of Red Bull BC One Madrid. The judges expressed their gratitude at being able to watch such a great battle with Storm saying “I’m really impressed by Spain’s level and I’m happy to have seen the two most creative B-Boys at the final, which has been poetic and emotional”.

This was V.O.’s first time competing in such an important battle and he hopes this is the beginning of many more to come. Despite wanting to win he felt grateful for making it through to the finals which confirmed for him personally that he was in fact heading in the right direction to achieve his goals. He also wanted to thank all those that had gone to watch him compete and wished him luck as this gave him a lot of strength, motivation and energy to power through right to the end.