Rain Winter Jam 2015 | Rain Crew

Rain Winter Jam 2015 | Rain Crew Review

A Shoutout

Thank you so much to everyone who made it to the Rain Winter Jam 2015 we appreciate your support and we hope that you enjoyed the music, the cyphers, the battles and performance. All the battles were amazing, we loved every second of it.

Congratulations to Daz and Gravle for winning the Batman & Robin Battles Congratulations to Shaadow and Frankie J for winning the 2on2 All-Style battle, both the craziest finals so far!!!


Thanks to the Judges: Gabs, Marso, Duke, Kenrick and FM.
Thanks to Wild-G and Chilly for being amazing hosts and a huge thank you to Kofi Mingo dropping fire round after round throughout the event.

Boy Blue Entertainment Kenya Gravel Sandy Rain Crew | Rain Winter Jam 2015

Thanks to Rain Crew’s own Daughters of the Dragon for their amazing and inspiring performance.

Thanks to our team Helen “Helz” Silverstar, Italipino, P-Star, Hakim, Zahra and Clint.

Well done to all the kids and adults who competed. A huge thank you to all the parents who support and encourage us to keep pushing.Rain Winter Jam 2015 | Rain Crew

Thanks to Centre Stage Studio for always supporting grassroots, organic development in our culture.
Thanks Newham council and The Let’s Get The Party Started Grant for supporting our event.

So in the words of our supporters, the Rain Winter Jam in Review.

“The atmosphere”

Rain Winter Jam 2015 | Sharifa Tonkmor Rain Crew

So we started late… scheduled for a 6:30pm kick-off half the crew was AWOL searching the streets of East London for missing equipment. A microphone here, a Turntable there even a DJ and an Host; but as soon as the Mic was in and the DJ, Kofi M was on deck, we hit the track running.

Meeting it’s full capacity, the largest room of Centre Stage Studio  was bustling with dancers of all ages, sizes and disciples ready to meet, mingle and compete in our 2on2 Allstyles and Batman and Robin  Battle concepts.

“The Batman and Robin concept”

Rain Crew | Rain Winter Jam 2015 B-Boy Cypher

As explained previously,  the Batman and Robin battle concept allows the top8 under16 Breakers to select partners from the top8 over16s to continue the competition as a pair.

Our Batman & Robin concept was created to help contribute to a culture of mentoring within the dance community. Our hope was to not only contributed to elevating the standard of the art-­form through competition but also inspired the next generation of dancers, potentials and creatives while giving them an understanding and foundation in the elements of hip-­hop culture.

This edition of the Rain Crew Jam was particularly exciting with energetic dance battles and great community spirit all around.

“Seeing the breakers and Allstyle dancers was amazing”

Twin Dragons | Rain Winter Jam 2015 | Rain Crew

Our 2on2 Allstyles category was a great way of bringing the wider community together to support each other and younger members of the dance community particularly in an exciting showcase of “Creative”, “Expressive”, artistry. With many new faces making huge waves in the scene every battle pushed dancers to their limits with some of the most exciting match-ups in recent UK history.

“Sounds cheesy but there is so much love in the room”

Rain Winter Jam Judges | FM Rain Crew Duke Lentes UMA Sharifa Tonkmor Maren Snow Ellermann Daughters of the Dragon

It may or may not have become apparent that the ambitions of a small East London crew exceeds that of ranking in the next big competition. Time is fickle, and win lose or draw, a crew can easily be forgotten once the battle is over, the questions is, when it all ends are you happy with your contributions and did you leave things in a better state than when you found them?

In 2014 Rain Crew hosted our first Jam and B-Boy battle Beast of East organised by our sister Zahra. In this instance as in any other we try to share the feeling of being part of something larger than yourself; an art-form, a community, a family, a crew. We appreciate all the love and support we’ve received in that endeavor and hope to see you at the next Jam in 2016.