Rain Crew and Church Street Neighbourhood Keepers presents a week of free drop-in dance classes, dance battles and open practice spaces at 35-37 Church Street, NW8 8EU.


WEDNESDAY 25.10.17
1pm – Breaking with Haseeb Chilly Hearn
2.15pm – House with Issac Baptiste
3.30pm – Afro Beats with George ‘Unkle Tc’ Dukz
4.45pm – 90s Hiphop with Kofi Mingo

6.00pm – 8.00pm Jam session with Live Music

THURSDAY 26.10.17
1pm – Waacking with Sam Lu
2.15pm – Bikutsi with Cori D Billy
3.30pm – Break a Sweat (Fitness) with Mitchel Doosty Taunton
4.45pm – Locking with Jessie O’Reilly

6.00pm – 8.00pm Hustle jam lead by Negus David Bennie

FRIDAY 27.10.17
1pm – Breaking with Perry Howell
2.15pm – Krump with Warren Gordon Scott
3.30pm – Hiphop with Sharifa Tonkmor
4.45pm – Popping with Kerim Keezy Peerthy

6:00pm – 8:00pm – OPENSTYLES BATTLE 1ON1
Dancers are judged on their ability to engage the music regardless of the style they choose to use.

Judges: Sharifa, Jessie, Special K
Prize: £100
Dj: Duval Dbo Williams

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned battler, all are invited to compete in the Shoprock battles. Dancers will battle it out to for the number 1 spot and cash prize. Please post your name on our Facebook Event Page  if you’d like to compete or drop us a message via

StopRockShop. Free workshops, events and battles.
StopRockShop. Free workshops, events and battles.