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Get Hype!!! Circle Burnerz


GET HYPE !!! Circle burnerz UK !

Hosted In Soho’s Madame JoJos, Circle Burnerz started a few years ago as the brainchild of Bboy Spin (La Familia/Soul Mavericks) and D-Lo, one of the scenes most dedicated promoters. The idea was to get the Cypher and jam back into the competition, much like was the case for events like Circle Kingz and Outbreak. The challenge; One hour of cypher with 1-3 secret judges watching to select those who stood out; the judges can pick 2, 3 or even 4 opponents to battle in a 7 round final to decide who is THE Circle Burner. The best part is even if you lose, you win because you have one hour to battle whoever you want in that cypher. In addition to this, D-Lo had also introduced another of his events to the night: The hype battle! dancers would battle in ‘Hip-Hop’/hype to early 90s and new school hip-hop music in a round by round elimination.

Hip-hop dance, hip-hop music, hip-hop culture… If this is getting confusing, i’ll try to explain..

You have hip-hop music: which originates and stems from hip-hop culture including but not exclusively rap music.

You have hip-hop dance: which originated in the 80s and 90s as a social dance style to the sounds of new-jack swing but is exclusively performed to hip-hop music.


You have hip-hop culture: The social movement that culminated in 70s and 80s into a way of life. This movement was the vehicle for the largest gang in the Bronx to change their name and agenda to become a primary source of social support and education for many in the community. Hop-hop allowed barriers of race and religion to be broken down for disenfranchised youth looking for their own form of self-determination, heralding revolutionized forms of self-expression through DJ, Graffiti, MCing, and Bboying.

So!!! what went down at Circle Burnerz?…

… Our Boy Kofi Mingo (Rain /BoyBlue ENT), who was also judging the hype battle on the night, was more than capable of wearing two hats by calling cards and killing beats in the bboy Cypher. Energies ran high and situations got heated as one hour became five minutes and the cypher over before we knew it. Cypher Veterans Spin and Manny (La Familia / Soul Mavericks) and Rain members Kofi and Chilly stood out as contenders for the finals. In the end the secret judges Cesa (Iladelph Flave), Ghost (Soul Mavericks) and previous Circle Burnerz champion Teflon (Yak crew), called Chilly, Spin and Manny to battle in the 7 round threeway to select one winner.

see what happened….


… Don’t forget to check out our cousin Godson (BoyBlueENT) facing JiJi in the finals of Get Hype!!!…