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Twin Peak: Equilibrium at Breakin’ Convention 2015

Rain Crew members and Twins Jay ‘Jetlag’ and Perry ‘P*Star’ Howell have been dancing since the age of five. Both have been members of Boy Blue Entertainment since 2005 and have performed at many of the major theatres in London. Recently they’ve been predominantly competing in the UK and abroad participating in b-boy battles such as The UK B-Boy Championships, The Notorious IBE and World BBoy Classics.

As part of the Breakin’ Convention 2015’s Open Art Surgery the twins developed the above piece titled “Equilibrium” in 1 week of workshops and mentoring sessions with Breakin’ Convention Artistic Director Jonzi D.

We asked the twins to tells us about the piece and their experience.

What is this piece about?

Egos are easily pleased and arrogance can be an inevitable result of a life without effort. Imagine your personality was fragmented, broken into two halves of one whole. One side; confidence, bravado and ego, the other; empathy, humility and calm.

When two sides of one’s personality have to support the conscious decisions of the whole, It may become so natural an occurrence that through arrogance,  one side feels it is able to act without the other.

Although one side can dominate the other, to create a balance they need to work together to be one. This piece shows these two sides to one personality looking at each other through a mirror. One side tries to break away and be independent of the other and finds he’s limited without his opposite.

What was it like performing together for the first time?

We’ve been dancing together for years as part of collectives, crews and families (some of whom were represented in the gang signs thrown up by the arrogant side of the two) and so it quite natural for us to perform together again despite the fact that we were now alone onstage. On this occasion we had a few hiccups during the performance which prevented it from being quite what we wanted.

Jay lost his shoe which was disappointing as we knew it would distract the audience from the piece, so we pressed on regardless but about half-way through I dislocated my shoulder and so we had to improvise certain sequences on the spot and continue the performance with that injury.

How is the shoulder now?

It’s been an ongoing injury that needs treatment and it occasionally affects my performance as it did on this occasion but generally I can work around it. My advice to dancers is to look after your body and seek help at the earliest instance to prevent ongoing problems.

Performers and choreographers: Jay and Perry Howell
Film production: Johnson E Kane

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