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Busking for Peace

Battle of the Sexes: Round 2!Its been quite a weekend with Kofi judging at Battle of the Sexes: The all styles vs all styles, male vs female battle extravaganza organised by The Butterfly Society…



… and Clint judging the 3on3 b-boy battles at D-Lo ent’s event WHAT YOU GOT! where some of our younger Rain class students entered and competed in their first battle facing off against Soul Mavericks in the qualifying rounds.


… but possibly the most extra-ordinary event was a day of action with dancers busking to raise money for those affected by the conflict and apartheid in Gaza – Palestine. A few weeks ago over 160 Palestinians were killed by Israeli bombs: most of them were civilians, and at least 26 of them children and with over 1000 injured and 10,000 others displaced from their homes after a retaliation by the group Hamas who fired rockets across the border into Israel. The Israeli government claims that Hamas made the first blow, but after a long uneasy ceasefire, the military leader of Hamas was assassinated by Israeli forces as an attempt to weaken the group politically and strategically. Unfortunately the return fire also meant the death of 6 Israelis with over 200 more injured and after all of this, both sides are claiming some sort of victory over the other.

After international intervention, the region has returned to an uneasy ‘ceasefire’ and although this is a positive development,  it’s worrying that both sides are still posturing, and supposedly intent on coming out ‘ontop’.

(A brief history of the region can be found here :http://www.guardian.co.uk/flash/0,,720353,00.html)

So where does that leave us?…. the sight of dead children wrapped in flags for a conflict that started before they’re parents were even born was distressing enough to inspire Sep Dashti (OneMotion Crew) to call the community together to do something small but important. On Sunday 2nd December 2012 we met outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar square to perform and raise money for the cause.

We raised £210 on a cold winter’s day to be donated to Doctors without Borders.  Its was a very small way to contributing to one of the many groups of people all over the world who we have the ability and the responsibility to assist but it’s a start.
..but this is only the beginning for us… This weekend we’ll be meeting again from 10.30am outside the National Gallery once again to try to beat that figure for those in need, so please come along and support.
Facebook event page: BUSKING FOR PEACE IN GAZA