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Who Won Rain Summer Jam 2016?

Once again with the support of all the spectators, parents and guardians, Newham Council, Centre Stage studio, Camy London, Mayamada and of course Relentless Energy drink, Perry ‪#‎pstar‬ Howell pulls off another amazing edition of Rain events bringing the entire community together to share a moment or two at the Rain Summer Jam 2016.

Thanks to everyone who made it down and congratulations to all the victors of the Rain Summer Jam 2016 and of course well done to all participants for making the battles super-hot-fire! It’s no wonder the room was so hot.

So who won?

Breaking 2on2: Gavin and Eugene (Soul Mavericks)

Rain Summer Jam Winners and Judges of Breaking 2on2 battle

Allstyles 2on2: Shaadow and Chase

Rain Summer Jam Winners and Judges of Allstyles 2on2 battle

Under 16s Allstyles 4on4: Grounded UK

Rain Summer Jam Winners of All-styles 2on2 battle Grounded UK

Thanks to DJ Dbo and Rain Crew hosts Haseeb Chilly Hearn and Warren Gordon Scott. Thanks to our judges Kofi, Skytilz, Duke, Clint, Marso (especially for stepping in at the last minute for AJ47 and B-Boy Cri6 who also taught an amazing power moves workshop on Wednesday 3rd August at Forest Gate Youth Centre.

Thanks to Helen ‘Helz’ Maule for filming (and Zah Ra we missed you and looking forward to you coming home). Thanks to everyone from Rain Crew, Skullywags and Liara and the team at Jukebox collective for giving their free time, love and support and huge thanks to Mariya Majid for all her help and support since forever.

Well Where’s the footage?

… Right here…

Rain events has grown with each edition and we hoped you enjoyed it. You can also help to make our events even better by completing our survey below.


What’s next after Rain Summer Jam 2016?

In September we’ll be hosting another edition of Street Beat and in October we have something special planned for the next edition of Rain Autumn Jam 2016 so see you soon.