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Milton Kingz IV

It’s been a great weekend starting Friday 28th September 2012, with MDK (Mad Dope Kru) Marso’s fourth instalment of Milton Kingz. A regular battle night for bboys hosted in a club sitting atop a bus station in Milton Keynes. This was Rain’s first appearance at the event and upcoming Rain member Elliot Souris’s first battle… EVER!!

So after driving around London for an hour (courtesy of iPhone’s OS6 maps) we eventually make our way up the M25 motorway towards Milton Keynes and we arrive at the crack of night stumbling out of Italipino’s chariot of war; Clint, Elliot Pedriyo, and of course Italipino. As we enter the Buszby, We’re immediately embraced by some familiar faces and sounds courtesy of DJ Jam FU and DJ Khan FU; early indications that it was going to be a good night.

Within a few minutes the pre-selection for the Toprock Seven2Smoke begins, with Swifty (defending champion), Nene, Smash, Foggy, Leebee, Khanage, Funky Flave and Shingo in the final battle.

Mouse, Banner and Corrosive, judge each battle round by round and Nene (MDK) eventually takes the title and the money.


Next we begin the 2on2 eliminations, and oh the shock and horror; Italipino & El battle as Rain against Pedriyo & Clint… in a threeway!!! winner of the Toprock battle Nene & Andre (MDK) make the final team in this triplet. Clint & Pedriyo take it in a close finish with Nene & Andre.

In the quarter finals, Clint & Pedriyo battle defending champions Ichiban Sam the Vanilla Killa and the powerhouse that is Aerial both from MDK. It’s another close finish with Sam and Aerial winning and progressing all the way to the finals.

The final battle was intense and high energy; Sam & Aerial against brothers Kharnage (La Familia) & Razzle and both crews were serious contenders for the title. Luckily we recorded it but to get the full feel, you had to be there…

The only one other things to say are congratulations to El for having his first battle, thank you to everyone who was there for making it a great night, and thank you to MDK for sharing the initiation of their newest crew member Andre who battle eight full members including DJ Jam Fu.

Great night, looking forward to the next one.