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Recap: Rain Spring Jam 2017 – Champion’s Edition

Young and old, new dancers or veterans,  the Rain Jams welcome all to test their metal and meet new friends in the ultimate test of champions. In it’s 3rd year, Rain Spring Jam 2017 was the first of four events hosted by Rain Crew in 2017 celebrating the start of a new year with the aim of bringing dancers together to practice battling, calling people out, and having some fun.

Breaking 1on1 Winner: Sunni (Soul Mavericks)

Hip-hop and Popping 2on2 Winners: Brooke and Kieran (The Twins)

Full Battles

Event Summary

Rain Crew | Rain Spring Jam 2017 Websitebanner

Film: Chaz Bonner (Stance) & Zahra Maalow (Rain Crew)
Event Production: Perry ‘P-Star’ Howell & Haseeb ‘Chilly’ Hearn (Rain Crew)
Hosts: Haseeb ‘Chilly’ Hearn (Rain Crew) & Simon Michael Lee (Soul Mavericks)
DJ: Khan Fu (MDK)
Judges: Clint Sinclair (Rain Crew), Lil Tim (Grounded UK), Razzle Roc (Smac19), Breakz (Monsters Crew), Sharifa Tonkmor (Rain Crew), Duke Lentes (UMA)
Featuring: Nest Magazine, Spin The Barber, Petisa Custom Designs, UEL’s Coll!ide and Tuina Massage with Ronald Thomas and Yoshi
Supported by: Relentless Energy, Rubik’s and Newham Council

Photos by Critters & Friends

70 Images by Critters & Friends (Lupu Excesiv De Prietenos & Alexandra Gruian) capturing the battles, the DJ, the hosts, and the cyphers.

Click image to open gallery.