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Breakin Rules 2013 7


12 week Bboy course – Term 1 – £70

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The Cockpit: Studio 1
Saturday 6th April 2013 – Saturday 22nd June 2013
Day/Time : Saturdays
                         14.00-15.00 (age: 4-16) £7 per session
                         15.00-16.00 (age: 16+ ) £7 per session
Style / Level: Bboy (Breakdance) Beginner / Intermediate
Location: The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London, NW8 8EH

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Our main tutor for this class is Bboy FM who is a key founder and teacher of Rain crew. FM has over 10 years of experience teaching adults and children from beginners to competition level and has performed and competed around the world. All our tutors are experienced, Insured and CRB checked. Our hour classes typically consist of:

  • Toprock + Drops warmup
  • Stretch
  • Conditioning
  • foundation tutorial and drills
  • Something different (Routine, Power/Dynamic tutorial, Freetime)
  • Battle / Cypher
  • Cool-down


Studio 1 is a large bright room with heaps of natural daylight, a thick, Harlequin  rehearsal dance floor, mirrored wall, and sound system with CD player and input for iPods.  There is also a small room available for changing in. There are also curtains which can be drawn in front of the mirrors.

Size: Approximately 8m x 7m (26ft x 23ft)


  •  All our tutors have valid CRBs and Public Liability Insurance, however you are also responsible for your own saftey and should take care when in this class
  • Wear comfortable trainers,  and suitable confortable clothing  to each class: Tracksuit bottoms, Chinos, and vests / jumpers / T-Shirts are all acceptable
  • Please bring your own protective gear – Kneepads/headspin hats
If you’d like more information contact us here.


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