What is Top Rock City?

“A website dedicated to the original foundation and concepts for what we now refer to as “Top Rock”, To us this simply means “Rockin’ on Top”.

Rocking (in our humble opinion) represents the body movement that we do when we are gettin’ down to Funk, Soul, Latin Soul, R&B, Funk, Rock, ect.

While others have opinions that might differ from ours. We stand strong in our convictions and are always ready to put it on the line where it counts. On the Dance Floor.

TRC: Is NOT a CREW! Both Ynot and Mr. Wiggles represent pure Hip Hop with the pioneering force of “The Rock Steady Crew”.

TRC is a Movement and what we call a “Click” of two dancers who believe that Top Rockin’ has a foundation and history of it’s own and can be done without hitting the floor and still be equally powerful.

In essence we are HIP HOP dancers in it’s purest and Original form. And we ride the wave of  SOUL and FUNK.”

Still wondering what TopRock is? Well here’s a sample of what the founders of TRC Mr.Wiggles and BBoy Ynot can do



Impressed?…. well this following clip is of Mr. Wiggles “demonstrating bboy handstyles inspired by Jailhouse Rock. New York Street Fighting has been Embedded in BBOYIZM and ROCK DANCE since th 70’s.Mr Wiggles Learned these styles as a Bronx Youth by way of Slap Boxing. Cats would come out or Rikers Island (prison) and Spofford (correctional Facility located near wiggles home.) With New improved Hand Style and test there skills against other street pugilists in the Parks, Schoolyards and Street Corners of NYC.
Some Hand styles were defensive, some Offensive, others were like new improved Bolo Punches used to confuse the opponent and look cool while knocking them out!!!” – see video decription.

So who’s TRC’s best of the best right now?



Please don’t forget to check out the  Top Rock City website for more videos, information and knowledge.