Zorro Workshop

Workshop with B-boy Zorro

RAIN CREW presents a workshop with B-Boy Zorro

Date: Friday 14th March 2014

Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Damage: £10.00

Style / Level: BBoy workshop and dancers of all levels welcome

Workshop details: Zorro’s workshops are based on fitness and creativity

•Taking footwork patterns & flipping them by adding spins , levels , hand placements,themes , movement , misdirection & reversing them.
•Conditioning through freeze patterns.
•Fitness through Breaking I.E drilling standard patterns. This can also free styled too
•Playing with concepts I.E Three spins , slides , shapes & Dead Leg.
•Showing my take on how many levels you can play within your Breakin.



Day 1 – Bizerte

Day 2 – Jandouba


Day 3 – Sousse


Day 4 – Upper under ground studio


Day 5 – Sfax

  • Post your name on the event wall if you’d like to register
  • Wear comfortable trainers, and suitable confortable clothing to the class: Tracksuit bottoms, Chinos, and vests / jumpers / T-Shirts are all acceptable
  • Please bring your own protective gear – Kneepads/headspin hats

Location:  Forest Gate Youth Centre, 1 Woodford road, London E7 0DH

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